Fay Canyon, Sedona Arizona. Photo by Doug Bergé.
Military & SOFA Counseling

American Board-Certified psychiatrist Dr. D. Marc Bergé from New York, provides psychological counseling and/or medication guidance in English for U.S. Military and SOFA-status civilians by phone or Skype, phone, or by direct visit to our office in Tokyo. We frequently work with persons stationed in Okinawa, Sasebo, Iwakuni, Misawa, and the Kanto area (Yokosuka, Yokota, Zama, Atsugi).

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  • We are pleased to help you with PTSD, TBI (traumatic brain injury), anxiety/depression, marriage counseling, attention & focus issues, SSD disability applications & VA benefits.
  • We can fill-out your disability applications and sign them as a U.S. licensed & board-certified medical doctor psychiatrist (write nexus letters, fill-out DBQ questionnaires etc).
  • You can be reimbursed thru Tricare Select, a non-military insurance plan, or stay private. Active military have Tricare Prime and on-base providers will usually recommend care on-base which is not private from your command, however you can decide to see us out of pocket at a discount which is completely private. Some spouses and family have Tricare Select where you would be free to see us.
  • Our hours continue until 11:15pm to accomodate persons working during the day.
  • The content of your consultations are completely confidential from your command.

English Speaking Counseling Service for Military/SOFA in Japan

Many persons in need of mental health care in the U.S. military wish to receive private and confidential care off-base. We are available for either face-to-face counseling or phone/Skype psychotherapy, and psychological counseling, for U.S. military forces and SOFA-status civilians. We are also fluent in Japanese.

We are experienced in individual mental health counseling, marriage and couples counseling; particularly Japanese-Western couples, child and adolescent counseling, family therapy, and group psychotherapy. Many American military and other civilian SOFA-status persons are stationed in Japan, and we are very familiar with the psychological needs of Americans working on military bases in Japan. Please see the links on this page for for further information.

Graphics & Tables. Visual aids to describe counseling issues:

  • Core Issues & Defenses; a flow chart of the core psychological issues people have and the adaptive and maladaptive defenses people use. This is a related paper on how defenses can be used in psychotherapy to help one understand and work-through maladaptive behavioral styles.
  • Mood Effects on Psychology; a diagram of how abnormal mood can lead to negative self conclusions which then promote feelings and behaviors that are not optimal.
  • Self Esteem Needs in Relationships; an illustration of how the mechanics of intimate relationships can lead to crashes in self esteem. This graph is useful to help persons who are suffering a break-up in an important relationship.
  • Obedience & Defiance Cycle; how a cycle between obedience and defiance can lead to resentment, guilt and fear, secondary depression, anxiety, conflict, and decreased self-assertion. This graph is also used in this case illustration video.

This is an educational video made by the Meguro Counseling Center on Psychopharm-Integrated Marriage Counseling that shows an example of how this kind of counseling can work.

Please feel free to contact the Center if you or a loved one is in need of help.